The Library is situated in a central position within the school, allowing easy access for twice-weekly timetabled class visits, during which pupils are engaged in a variety of activities with the assistance of the School Librarian.

Pre-Prep children listen to stories, are given the opportunity to relate stories themselves and are encouraged to explore the world of books.

Junior lessons involve work on research projects, using both reference books and online Encyclopaedias accessed through Cyberlibrary. Children also study extracts from contemporary children’s literature, encompassing a variety of different cultures and are given the opportunity to develop their own creative writing skills.

One lesson a week is reserved for quiet reading, when pupils can simply enjoy a book or browse the shelves using the suggested reading list for their Year group for guidance, if they wish to. Assistance is always available to help them to find a “good” book.

Reading is regarded as a regular home learning activity and pupils are encouraged to borrow books from the library to read at home. Reading is monitored through Home-School Reading Diaries.

Lunchtimes are always a busy time when children can choose to access educational games such as BBC Bitesize, My Maths, the typing software programme  Nessy Fingers or Study Ladder. Some choose to draw, trace, write stories or plays, read or even make Birthday cards!

The aim of the Library is to provide an environment where children can become enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers and for children to realise that reading is an enjoyable, stimulating and worthwhile activity. We all love books and we all read.