Joining at Year 7

Joining year 7 is one of the most important moments in a child’s journey through school. This is a time when friendships are formed, when lifelong attitudes to learning are developed, and where a love for learning, and for school, can be instilled if this is handled with due care and attention by skilled staff in a nurturing environment.

At St Joseph’s, this begins in Year 6.  We first offer prospective pupils and parents to our attend our Senior School Open Evening this gives pupils and parents the opportunity to explore the Senior School and try a number of different lessons. We then offer a full day in the Senior School in January of Year 6, where pupils already in our Junior School and those joining, or thinking of joining, for Year 7 get the invaluable opportunity to experience a full day in the Senior School. We believe in making this transition as easy as possible, and so all Senior School teachers have involvement in the day, and it is carefully constructed to ensure the very best experience for the children.

In June of their Year 6 we offer a further two days for transition, one in school and one with a team building focus.This normallly involves a morning surfing at Widemouth Bay, and an afternoon of teambuilding activities. This also allows pupils joining the school a chance to form early friendships, and make connections, and for parents to exchange contact details, so children can meet over the summer and thus September of Year 7 is not such a daunting occasion.

From the moment Year 7 begins, our focus is on assimilating these new arrivals into the life of the Senior School, whether they come from St Joseph’s or elsewhere. We have a teambuilding day within the first two weeks, which has in the past been held either at Siblyback Lake or at Roadford.

Great care is taken to ensure that pupil friendships are developed, and our Year 7 tutors are always available for those in their care to share any concerns they may have. We also have a dedicated member of the Prefect team who is assigned as Junior / Senior liaison, and they are invariably more than happy to join in any event Year 7 may attend.

We would recommend that any parent interested in joining Year 7 arrange at least two consecutive taster days in school so they have the opportunity to meet St Joseph’s Year 6 class. 

We want everyone joining to do so with a smile on their face and a spring in their step, and we will do all we can to make sure this is the case.

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From September 2021 each pupil joining Year 7 in the Senior school is required to have a mobile device. The current device that is purchased through the school is a Microsoft Surface Go. The cost of the device for September 2021 was £456.88 and will be charged on the first round of your billing. Pupils joining the school that are in Year 8 or above in the academic year 2021/2022 will get an iPad if they choose not to buy a Surface Go. The price for the device is very competitive as we are able to buy in bulk, a saving of almost £200 when including the case and Office 365 package (price correct at time of writing, please note that the price may increase or decrease depending on market prices). Safety is always at the forefront of our minds and when this Surface Go device is brought into school, this device will come under the school’s secure internet browsing management system.

Since the introduction of mobile technology and each student having a personal device 8 years ago, they have been invaluable in the learning development of students. The devices have allowed students to research and explore independently, which is an integral skill in learning. It has also allowed for more creative learning to take place with the different features the device allows.

The Microsoft Surface Go device will facilitate the next step in our students learning; its capability, storage, interface and integration capabilities allow for excellent useability. Surface Go’s have all the benefits of a full Windows laptop while retaining the freedom, portability and usability of a touch screen tablet. The school’s licensing allows all staff and students access to the full Office 365 suite, including Teams, which has already proven invaluable during the COVID-19 lockdown.

If you have any questions regarding molbile devices please email Mr Matthews on